This book is about the Andalusian horse, the oldest pure bred horse in the World. He is the most admired horse, the most fantastic temperament, the most beautiful horse in the world, just look at the pictures in my book. This horse has come a long way, started on cave walls in 5,000bc, and now he is one of the best classical dressage horses. They are not built for speed, they just like to dance. I have spent many years with the Andalusian horse, and you would never believe there temperament, you could put a 2 year old on his back, and he would just plod. Then they started to cross breed, and the temperament went. They become nasty, not like the Rasa Pura Espana (the p.r.e. Andalusian)
There are many breeders in Spain today that will keep the blood line going. Of the noble one, The Andalusian Horse.
This book took me 2 years to write, and I enjoyed every minute of it. I would say if you like horses you are going to love this book.
I have a new book out for all you horse lovers, on the Andalusian Horse, it has many beautiful colorful pictures’. I visited many parts of the south of Spain, for my information to put this book together. I would love you all to give me some feed back, on what you think of this book.
There are so many books on the market today, on how to ride a horse, and how to look after one. I thought I would do some thing different. I focused on one of the oldest pure bred horses in the world, The Andalusian.
I looked into there history, which started on cave walls in 5,000bc. Before I new it, I was writing this book. You can purchase this book on Amazon.com or.uk, or look inside the book before you buy.


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