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Doreen Haggard followed her dream when she moved to the south of Spain. It was her goal to study the Andalusian horse and write this book. Doreen Haggard described great sensitivity and tenderness through out her book, her aim was to share this information world wide. Her book is based on the true life of the Andalusian horse, by describing their incredible history. Doreen Haggard brought a fresh approach to the Andalusian Horse, and now they remain under the spot light. Doreen Haggard was surprised to here, that many parts of the world today have still not seen the Andalusian horse; this encouraged her to take so many beautiful pictures, for the world to see.
Doreen Haggard was inspired by the nature and the beauty of this horse, which increased her interest to research them more. Doreen Haggard said when she first had the pleasure meeting the Andalusian horse; she was inspired by their beauty. This is how Doreen Haggard will describe The Andalusian horse……………Out of his romantic past, He comes. He has carried kings and conquered continents. He was painted by the greatest painters of all our times. Poets have sung his name aloud, in a thousand voices. His handsome beauty is unmatched. In the entire world, no horse has stepped with such pride. He is all of these things and much more. And for some glorious miracle, today he comes to us unchanged. He is the pure Andalusian horse; he is the noble one.