Cynthia Sherman


This title is catchy and it conveys the information within the manuscript. This title is self-explanatory, and I feel that it will entice your readers into picking this book up and reading it.The opening sentences are powerful. These sentences set the tone for the entire manuscript.The dialogue throughout consists of the author telling and sharing the information with the readers. This dialogue is smooth flowing and natural sounding throughout. This is an easy read because of this dialogue.Your Grammar, Spelling, Punctuation, and Style are all acceptable.Illustrations are not needed for this non- fiction manuscript. The text does provide a clear image of the concepts written about. If illustrations are used, they will enhance the meaning and enjoyment that this material has to offer.  I do believe that the readers would love to view illustrations of this animal.Overall, I enjoyed this manuscript.  I am impressed with your knowledge of this material. Many readers will benefit from reading this manuscript, and they will thank you for sharing your knowledge with them. These horses seem like fascinating animals. Thank you for making your readers aware of them. I feel that this manuscript is well thought out, well paced, and well written. Thank you for submitting a manuscript with so few errors.I also feel that this material will have potential for success, and I do wish you luck with this endeavor.